SACCI National President visit Louis Trichardt Chamber.

For the first time ever SACCI National President Mr Vusi Khumalo visited SACCI(South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Louis Trichardt.
Mr Khumalo had a meeting Friday 22 May 2015 with the local SACCI executive in which he shared SACCI South Africa vision and focus. Specifically with regard to support for those chambers outside the large metro’s.

It is of paramount importance that business do become involved with their Chamber of Commerce. The challenges with regard to changes in the political and regulatory environment requires business to start to revisit their network and in so doing become more involved as a collective. And the local Chamber is the only platform from where that collective can raise issues of concern and also submitting solutions through a recognized channel to whoever are responsible.

Mr Khumalo will also be a key note speaker at the Louis Trichardt annual general meeting later this year.

We as Louis Trichardt Chamber urge businesses to become members; tough times are ahead and we need each and everyones contribution to address not only that what you as a business have control over but; within this supportive environment we also address those challenges which you do not have control over. And in so doing identify actions to mitigate external risk factors.

(Please contact the President Pieter Els at 079 690 6034 or any other member if you require information. )



Representing Business, Creating Wealth, Ensuring a Future.The Chamber represents the business sector to ensure the creation of wealth in the community to ensure a future for all people of the local and surrounding economies. This is achieved through a-political efforts to promote good corporate governance, best business practices and resistance against corruption.



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